College Policy

*3d Morden College is unqualified to give any immigration advice. We would suggest you seek advice from a qualified immigration advisor if you have questions related to your VISA Application.

1. Enrolment

1.1 Every student of the College, whether full-time or not, must enrol for each programme and pay the fees appropriate to their course of study at the College. No person shall be deemed to be an enrolled student unless:

  • a) They have completed and signed a College enrolment form, and
  • b) Agreed to meet the liability for the relevant fees, where a Sponsor does not meet the liability on their behalf.

1.2 In signing the enrolment form the student undertakes to observe 3d Morden College Terms and Conditions of Study (including all published College Policies, Codes and Regulations) and consents to the College obtaining, recording, holding, processing etc personal data including data of a sensitive nature. Students are responsible for informing the College of any changes to the information provided on enrolment.

2. Suggestions and Complaints Procedure

2.1 The complaints system is easy to use and both students and employees are encouraged to use it. Complaints are dealt with by a senior executive and are acknowledged within seven working days of receipt and are normally fully answered within fifteen working days. After a further three weeks there is a further letter to ensure the complainant is happy with the outcome of the investigation into their complaint.

2.2 Suggestions and Complaints forms are readily available from the College reception.

3. Course Content

Students should satisfy themselves from reading the available information that the particular course they have chosen meets their requirements before commencing the course.

4. Cancelling or Changing Contents of Courses

The College reserves the right not to run courses where the number of students is considered insufficient or where resources are unavailable or to change the contents of a course where it is considered appropriate by the College to do so. Where numbers of students dictate, courses may be amalgamated so that they may comprise a number of subjects, including parts of the student’s chosen subjects and parts of other related subjects.

5. Limitation of Admission to Courses

5.1 The College reserves the right to refuse admission to any course because of restricted availability of facilities due to teaching requirements or for any other reason which the College deems it necessary to do so.

5.2 All admission to courses is at the discretion of the Principal.

6. Fees & Financial Matters

6.1 All fees are payable on enrolment. Details of methods of payment can be obtained from the reception or admissions office. Students who do not meet their obligation to pay fees at the commencement of their attendance may incur interest charges on the fees outstanding at a rate determined annually by the College Management.

6.2 Liability for fees is incurred at enrolment and the College reserves the right to suspend any student who has not paid or arranged, to the satisfaction of the College, payment of fees within a reasonable time.

6.3 No person shall be permitted to enrol as a student of the College or to receive any qualification conferred by the College, unless all, if any, arrears of tuition fees and any other sums due to the College are paid in full or arrangements for the payment of fees have been made to the satisfaction of the College.

6.4 The College will not normally automatically refund a fee paid where the reason is a change of mind of the individual who has booked/accepted a place.

6.5 In circumstances where a refund of course fees is to be made in respect of a student, unless authorised otherwise, the College will normally pay the refund directly to the entity or individual who made the payment of the fee to the College. If the application is made through an agent, the financial matters will be dealt through the agent as well. The college is only responsible for the payment which is directly made to the college.

6.6 Where payment of the fee was part of a process that enabled the student to gain entry to the UK for the purpose of study, fee paid will be refunded in its entirety, except registration fee, on request in the following proven circumstances:

  • a) The individual was unable to commence attendance at College because of inability to obtain a visa
  • b) The visa refusal was not because of fraudulent documents presented .
  • c) The application for refund was made before the course commencement.
  • d)The burden of proof (refusal letter etc) will rest with the individual in all cases.
  • e) For reasons other than those stated above, no refund will be made other than in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of the Principal.

6.7 Students are required to supply their own stationery and materials books and equipment costs, accommodation costs, childcare fees, photocopying fees, travel expenses and daily living expenses. Details of specialist materials/equipment will be supplied at the commencement of the course.

7. Disciplinary Code

7.1 Generally speaking disciplinary action against students is limited to breach of, or failure to comply with, these Terms and Conditions (including College Policies) or conduct which adversely affects the College’s pursuit of its objectives or which infringes the rights of others.

7.2 The Student Disciplinary Code sets out what is considered unacceptable and procedures for disciplinary action. A copy of Disciplinary Code may be requested from the College reception.

7.3 The employees of the College and those of its contractors or other third party suppliers have the right to work in an environment which is free from any form of harassment, intimidation or abuse whether actual or threatened, physical or verbal. The College has a zero tolerance to the abuse of such employees and students are reminded that any such conduct constitutes unacceptable behaviour and will result is disciplinary action which may, in turn, lead to your suspension or dismissal from the College.

8. Equal Opportunities

The College is committed to promoting equality of opportunity for all its students and staff in all aspects of College life to ensure that no-one is discriminated against on the grounds of race, colour, religion, sex, marital status, disability, age, social position or sexual orientation.

9. Disability

The College treats applications from students with certain disabilities (excluding physical disability) on the same academic grounds as all applicants, taking into account the difficulties they may encounter. Potential applicants are encouraged to visit the College, prior to enrolment.

10. Absence

10.1 Leave of absence from classes will be granted for a valid reason and requests should be made to the team/course leader or tutor.

10.2 Any absence due to illness should be notified to the team/course leader or tutor as soon as possible.

10.3 Any absence due to illness of more than five College days is required to be certified in the normal manner by a medical practitioner and the certificate passed to the team/course leader or tutor on return to College.

10.4 Any absence of 5 days or less may be self-certified. Forms are available from sector secretary and should be passed to the team/course leader or tutor on return to College.

10.5 Absences at the time of examinations or assessments must be immediately explained in writing or by a medical certificate to the team/course leader or tutor.

11. Attendance and Punctuality

Students must be punctual and, furthermore, attendance at the College must be sufficient to fulfil the requirements of the course concerned. Poor attendance may have implications for a student’s continuance on a course and receipt of grants and bursaries. Except where absence is authorised, 100% attendance is expected from students. Attendance and absences are recorded on daily basis. Students should be aware that it is the practice of the College to send a notification of absence and appointment request on an open postcard to the student’s contact address following an unexplained absence.

12. The Learning/Working Environment

12.1 3d Morden College operates a no-smoking policy and smoking is prohibited in College buildings. Students are required to comply with the policy.

12.2 Litter bins are placed strategically throughout College premises. Students are requested to assist in ensuring that all litter is placed in these bins in order to maintain a litter free, safe and healthy working environment.

12.3 Students are expected to contribute to the maintenance of a suitable physical learning environment by treating all College buildings and property with due care and respect.

13. Insurance

13.1 The college has the necessary insurances in place which include public and product liability insurances. The college takes no liability for the events that happen outside the college premises.

13.2 This information is brought to your attention at this time in order that you may take whatever action you feel appropriate.

14. Health and Safety

14.1 All users of the College and its facilities share a responsibility for safety and therefore there is a need for students:

  • To take personal responsibility for the health and safety of themselves and others.
  • To observe safe standards of behaviour, dress, protective clothing and footwear as required.
  • To familiarise themselves with the safety requirements of their course.
  • Not to interfere with equipment or materials provided to promote health and safety.
  • Any student wilfully misusing, neglecting, damaging or interfering with devices provided for fire protection and health and safety will be liable to disciplinary action.

14.2 All fire regulations and instructions must be complied with fully. Students should familiarise themselves with the details found on notices and instructions situated on College premises.

15. Medical Matters

15.1 Any student with any medical condition which requires extra support should see the Occupational Health Service at the beginning of term.

15.2 Students are responsible for monitoring their own health and particular medical conditions and for the supply and administering of any medication they may require.

16. Computer Usage and Monitoring of Internet Access and E-mails

16.1 Users of College computer equipment must only access Internet sites which are suitable as educational resources. In particular, sites containing any defamatory, inflammatory, discriminatory, obscene or pornographic content must not be accessed. A breach of any of these rules may lead to disciplinary action being taken.

16.2 The College reserves the right to monitor and check, at any time, all e-mail and internet traffic to ensure that, all users are adhering to College policies, at all times. By the acceptance of these Standard Terms and Conditions on enrolment, including the Policies referred to in Clause 16.1, all users agree and consent to the monitoring of all e-mail and internet traffic generated by them.

17. Copying of Third Party Material Published Electronically

Except to the extent authorised in the Policy on Copying of Third Party Materials Published Electronically, (a copy of which is available from the reception desk), or by the author of the material, the copying of materials of any nature whether literary, artistic or musical in connection with College business on College premises or through the use of College equipment is prohibited.

18. Ownership and Intellectual Property

18.1 All users of the College and its facilities are required to comply with the Intellectual Property Policy.

18.2 Any intellectual property rights arising in connection with any work produced by a student during the course of their studies at the College, unless specifically otherwise agreed in writing with the student, shall belong to the College and the student will take all such steps as are necessary to vest such rights in the College.

19. Entire Terms and Conditions of Study

These Terms and Conditions of Study, together with the College Policies, Codes and Regulations referred to herein, represent the entire policy of the College and supersede any previous policies, regulations and codes whatsoever. These Terms and Conditions of Study are correct at the time of going to print, but anyone wishing to ensure they have up to date information should check the College web site.