Q: What are the average living costs for London?

  • We estimate around £9000 per year. This is calculated as follows: £5,100 for accommodation, £1,000 for travel in London, £200 for books, £200 for exam fees and membership of professional bodies, and £2,500 for food and clothing.

Q: Do you have an Equal Opportunities Policy?

  • Yes, contact our administration office.

Q: Do you have a Disability Policy?

  • Yes, contact our administration office.

Q: Is there an area where I can meet other students?

  • You are very likely to meet students in your classes, but we also have a lively social programme, and a common room with modern facilities where you can make new friends.

Q: Do you provide pastoral care?

  • We can offer students counselling support if it’s required. We aim to provide a welcoming environment where students get a positive life and learning experience.

Q: Will I receive career guidance?

  • Our approachable Course Directors are always happy to advise students. Many of our key personnel are also available to guide and advise students on their best course of study.

Q: Does the college offer Internet access?

  • Yes, Internet Access is free of charge at all times during college hours.

Q: What happens if I want to change my course?

  • You can change your course. But, if the tuition fee for your new preferred course is higher, you must pay the supplement.

Q: Do I need to get registered with the appropriate examining body before I arrive at 3D Morden College?

  • We advise you to register, but it is not compulsory. You may also register on arrival at the college.