International Students

Going to college in another country is a great opportunity to learn about another culture, experience diversity and meet fellow students from around the world.

Studying in English may be a challenge, but improving your skills in such a widely spoken language could help your future career prospects. We also offer international students (on courses of 1 year or more) free English classes.

We can support and guide you You may be excited, and perhaps a little nervous, about studying abroad. But, don’t worry, we are here to welcome you. We can provide students with: Once you have applied for admission to the 3D Morden College, you will be asked to complete the following steps:

  • meet and greet services at London Heathrow airport (you’ll need to reserve this service in advance)
  • a special induction programme
  • advice and assistance on opening a UK bank account
  • cost-effective accommodation services
  • travel advice and details of London Transport travel discounts (30% for students)
  • a ‘leaving home’ checklist
  • an online student life guide

Student visas

Once we have made you an acceptance offer, you can apply for a student visa. You must have a student visa to enter the UK.

Being accepted by 3D Morden College does not guarantee a student visa, but it may help start the process.

You will need to apply through your local British Embassy, British High Commission or consulate. Or you can find out more about applying for a UK visa.